Daily Fees
Fees are negotiable, according to the circumstances in each individual case, but would ordinarily be within the following ranges:

Claim value up to Euro 1 million: Daily Fee between Euro 3.000 and 4.000 (includes 3 hours of preparation and travel time).

Claim value Euro 1 million and more: Daily Fee between Euro 4.000 and 6.000 (includes 5 hours of preparation and travel time).

Fees are total charge and are usually shared equally between the Parties.

Time Charge
Daily fees assume up to eight hours a day. Time spent over eight hours will be charged at Euro 350 per hour.

Expenses will be charged at net cost.

Before the commencement of the mediation a deposit corresponding to the estimated costs must be paid with equal shares from each party.

Fees and expenses are due for payment fourteen days after the date of invoice

All charges are exclusive of VAT and other taxes.

Cancellation Charges:
If cancellation or postponement occurs on 21 calendar days or more before the set date, no fee will be due, only re-imbursement of net expenses.

If cancellation occurs less than 21 calendar days but more than 7 calendar days a cancellation fee of Euro 600 will be due plus re-imbursement of net expenses.

If cancellation occurs on 7 days or less before the set date, the full fee will be due plus re-imbursement of net expenses.

If the mediation is postponed on 7 days or less before the set date and takes place on a later date, 50% of the fee will be due, plus the full fee for the revised date.

Multi-party and/or complex cases are sometimes best suited to co-mediation so that the total length of the process eventually may be reduced. Daily fees start at Euro 5.000 covering both mediators.

Other schedules
The above-mentioned fees apply in case Claus Kaare Pedersen is appointed directly by the parties. In case of appointment through a mediation provider, the current schedule of the provider will apply.

The fees and expenses are decided by the Arbitral Tribunal in connection with the Arbitral Award on basis of the disputed amount, the complexity of the dispute and the extent of the work. In case of institutional arbitration the fee will be decided in accordance with the schedule of the arbitration institution concerned. The fees and expenses may be fixed in advance by prior agreement e.g. as to the level of fees.

The way in which these fees and expenses are to be borne by or divided between the parties will be determined by the Arbitral Tribunal, frequently depending on the result of the Award.

Other ADR-Techniques
The fees and expenses will be agreed in accordance with the guidelines in mediation.

“Right from the start I appreciated the friendly and relaxed attitude, which I am sure influenced the other Party’s willingness to find a solution”

Adviser to a Party in a Real Property Dispute