Claus Kaare Pedersen

Claus Kaare Pedersen is an independent Mediator and Arbitrator in commercial, business and regulatory matters.

After several years of experience as a partner in leading Danish law firms Claus is now engaged full time as a Mediator and an Arbitrator and in designing dispute resolution processes. Through the years he has specialized in resolution of all kind of disputes in the Commercial Industry – through mediation and arbitration – domestically as well as internationally.

He has been working with ADR since the early eighties and in addition to his work as a neutral in disputes he is a regular writer, speaker and presenter on ADR topics.

Claus has been a member of the Board of the Danish Law Society and a number of other professional associations. In conjunction with the law Society he was also a co-founder of the Danish Mediation Institute and its first chairman.

Furthermore he is heavily engaged in the development of ADR-techniques and the spreading of the use of ADR.

Claus Kaare Pedersen regularly mediates and arbitrates a wide variety of disputes relating to mergers and acquistions, service agreements, supply agreements, professional negligence, product liability, IT, financial services, insurance, construction and other commercial and business contracts.

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"One of the key skills necessary for an effective Mediator is the ability to create a relationship of trust with the parties very quickly. If this does not happen, the parties will be very reluctant to give the Mediator information that is confidential, personal or that potentially weakens their case. I have worked together with Claus in some Commercial Mediations, and from there I know that he has the ability to create rapport with people very quickly and so creates this relationship of trust from the start."

David Richbell
Leading Commercial Mediator and Trainer in UK